Tastings and workshops

every week

Nos événements reprennent !

Notre prochaine soirée dégustation aura lieu le jeudi 10 juin de 19h à 20h30.

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Tasting nights

Every two thursdays, we organise tastings around chocolate, from 7pm to 8:30pm. With other products or persons from the region, or purely chocolate. The themes are announced at the beginning of the week on Facebook and by Email.

From 25.- per person

Chocolate manufacturing workshops

Every two saturdays  from 10:30am to 12am, we offer workshops about chocolate manufacturing. You will learn the technique of chocolate "temperage" and create a chocolate piece : bar, pumpkin, marmite, truffles... Depending on the season !

From 50.- per person


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Workshops and animations

on demand

You love chocolate and want to participate to events at Paganel's ?

Each suggestion is to be declined and adapted according to what you want, what you interested in, and to you requests for special events : birthdays, team building, bachelor and bachelorette party, students societies...

Contact David Paganel to tell him about your ideas and requests, to create a workshop or animation that is suited to your event.

What we offer


• History of chocolate 

• Chocolate manufacturing

• Recipes

• Creation of artistic chocolates pieces

• Games, degustations

• Workshops around the association with other types of products (tea, wine, whiskey, rhum, perfumes, flowers, coffee...)


• Creation of chocolate piece

• Creation of a chocolate bar

• Realisation of a recipe

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